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President Robert Zeigler reorganized the college administration by returning to a vice president model that combines two positions into one.

Dr. Robert Vela, formerly vice president of student affairs, was named vice president of academic and student success Oct. 23.

The combined vice president position was in effect from 1995–2009, when Dr. Jessica Howard was hired as executive vice president but agreed to become vice president of academic affairs and Vela was promoted from dean to vice president of student affairs.

Vela assumed the academic vice president’s duties temporarily in addition to his regular duties when Howard left June 29 to become president of Portland Community College’s Southeast Campus.

With about 26,000 students enrolled, this college has the largest population among the five colleges in the district and one of the leanest executive teams.

Zeigler said Oct. 23 that the college executive team recommended the combined model because they believe it would help them function more effectively as a team.

He said it also would avoid confusion because academic and student issues are merging and often overlap.

Initiatives to improve student academic performance, such as MyMap, involve both student affairs and academic affairs.

So Zeigler’s reasoning makes sense.

But the bottom line is will Vela still have the time to invest in students with all of his additional responsibilities?

Zeigler said he plans a review in six months.

We hope Vela will be able to continue making time for students while juggling so many duties.


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