500 graduate this semester

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Graduation applications are still filtering in from advisers.



About 500 students applied for graduation by the Oct. 31 deadline, but the admissions and records office is still receiving applications from the department advisers, Joe Jacques, assistant director of admissions, said Wednesday.

After a student submits an application to graduate in ACES, the admissions office sends the student an email indicating the application was received.

The second step for the student is to go to a faculty adviser in the department of the major or field of study for advising. The student and adviser go over the degree checklist. The adviser puts in the student’s grades for courses required for the degree.

The departments usually turn in all applications within a week.

“So I’ll get most all of them by the end of this week,” Jacques said.

At the end of the semester, admissions and records checks the packets for accuracy before issuing degrees.

The college will have its annual commencement May 11, and December graduates may participate.

“An associate degree is worth money,” Jacques said. “Many of our students will go out and pursue employment while they’re going to school.”

According to the Alamo College website, students with an associate degree can earn at least $7,000 or higher income than high school graduates.

“Having an associates degree on a résumé can transfer into dollars,” Jacques said.

An associate degree includes the core curriculum that must be accepted by all Texas public colleges and universities.

For more information, call 210-486-0200 or visit www.alamo.edu/sac/graduation/


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