Rock wall at NLC now open

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Basic instruction is required before students begin climbing.


The rock-climbing wall located in the lobby of the Wellness Center at Northeast Lakeview College is now open to Alamo College students and faculty.

The purpose of the rock-climbing wall is a wellness approach, kinesiology Professor Wes Adams said.

He said this style of exercising steps outside the realm of how people are used to working out.

Also, the wall can be used in other courses to teach kickboxing and self-defense, he said.

To climb the wall, participants need a current Alamo Colleges ID and must reserve a slot with Adams via email at

Adams is a trained instructor who teaches students techniques and safety before participants are allowed on the wall.

Rock-climbing sessions are an hour, and Adams teaches basic instructions, such as how to adjust harnesses and belay properly, securing the rope so the climber does not fall.

The instructional period takes about 15 minutes, Adam said.

Adams said after he finishes teaching, the participants then take turns climbing the wall while another person belays.

A grigri, locking mechanism that prevents excessive amount of slack, is used so climbers do not have to worry about slipping off the wall and falling.

Since there is limited staffing, only six students are allowed at a time, Adams said.

Adams said students have the opportunity to stay on the wall longer if there is not a full class in the following time slot.

Currently, the rock-climbing wall is open 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Thursday and 9 a.m.-11 a.m Friday.

Adams said times will be rescheduled in the spring because he is looking for part-time employees.

For more information, call Adams at 210-486-5306 or email at


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