Adjunct Council needs more members to stage conference

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The Adjunct Faculty Council needs to focus on getting more members, Chair Jerry Townsend said Tuesday in the monthly meeting.

Townsend, journalism full-time adjunct, said he wants to meet once more this semester to recruit members so they can move forward with an adjunct leadership conference.

“We need to take care of our own structure first,” Townsend said. “If we’re going to do something ambitious as a districtwide leadership meeting of adjunct faculty … we need to have a good, strong committee of several people to work on that.”

Townsend said he does not want to commit to details of the conference when the council does not have many members to work on it.

“If we have to do it next year, then we have to do it next year,” he said.

Townsend said more people from other colleges would come if there is at least one adjunct from each college working on the event.

English Adjunct Amanda Martin said she wants adjuncts to email her ideas for a survey on activities for the conference.

She said she wants ideas for activities, location and time to be submitted by mid-to-late January to have the conference around March.

The conference survey says topics of discussion include the value of an adjunct council, professional development and salary. Also on the survey is a place for adjuncts to sign up to present a seminar.

Townsend said the conference will be to encourage adjunct council development at other colleges.

He said his previous idea of having an adjunct summit “got people riled up.” He said the conference will be a more graceful way of handling business.

Possible locations include this college, the Region 20 Education Service Center, 1314 Hines Ave. or Northeast Lakeview College.

In other news, the deadline for application for the El Éxito award is Nov. 30.

The award from the Bob and Mary Zeigler Adjunct faculty Professional Development Fund is for adjunct faculty who have taught a minimum of two courses at this college during the semester nominated. Any faculty member can nominate an adjunct, and adjuncts can nominate themselves.

Applications can be turned in to Cynthia Price, program coordinator for the Murguia Learning Institute and Bob and Mary Zeigler Fund chair, with a letter of reference for the adjunct’s chair or program coordinator, a peer and a student.

Applicants also need a statement of accomplishments and reasons they are being nominated and a summary of teaching responsibilities from the last four years.

For more information, call Price at 210-486-0756.

For more information on applying, call Townsend at 210-486-1780.


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