Last day to drop with W Tuesday

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By Alma Linda Manzanares

Tuesday is the deadline for students to drop classes with a W.

Students must meet with their course instructor to decide if dropping a course is best for them before the instructor can drop them from a course, David Rodriguez, director of counseling, said.

Instructors can drop students only for exceeding the number of absences allowed by the college attendance policy.

After the census date, students cannot drop courses using from their ACES account.

“The reason for meeting with the instructor is because nobody wants students to drop classes unless it’s absolutely necessary,” he said.

Rodriguez said when students meet with their instructor, they can discuss options, such as extra credit opportunities, to prevent the drop.

If students are dropping all their courses for the semester, they must see a counselor, he said.

“If a student is at the point where they’re dropping everything for the semester, many times there’s something significant going on other than just academics and we want to see if there is any assistance we can provide,” Rodriguez said.

Although course drops do not affect a student’s GPA, they do affect financial aid, academic progress and the cost to repeat the courses, he said.

A three-peat penalty charges out-of-state tuition for a course taken three or more times, and the six-drop rule allows only six dropped courses during a student’s undergraduate career.

For more information, call the counseling center at 210-486-0333.


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