Raise expectations

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Beginning in spring, incoming students will have to complete mandatory online modules before admission as part of MyMap, or My Monitoring Academic Progress, a student success initiative.

Modules include “Paying for College,” “I-CARE,” “Assessment Information” and “Test Preparation.”

Upon completion of the four modules, students will be required to take a quiz and are expected to score a minimum of 60 to pass each module.

A score of a 60 is the equivalent of a letter grade of a D minus, a grade most universities will not accept when students transfer.

To promote student success, the bar needs to be raised to a higher standard.

The modules teach basic skills that all first-time-in-college students need to know, so it’s important to make the experience accessible for students.

If students are expected to earn a 2.0 minimum GPA to transfer, the expectations should be the same for MyMap.


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