Recognize adjuncts

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Adjuncts sometimes receive the short end of the stick. When the district passed out raises to faculty for 2012-13, officials didn’t include adjuncts.

Then this year, administrators considered limiting adjuncts to teaching loads of 7.4  units or less to avoid the expense of contributing to adjuncts’ retirement.

But now the Bob and Mary Zeigler Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Fund provides recognition for the hard work adjuncts exhibit.

Part of the fund is the Èxito award, which gives $250 to one adjunct each semester who exhibits exemplary work.

The deadline to apply is Nov. 30.

Another part of the fund supports professional development for adjuncts and continuing education faculty at this college.

The fund allocates a total of $2,000 this year for professional development, and each award can be up to $250.

Professional development activities include workshops, conferences or seminars.

These awards are the few recognitions adjuncts qualify for.

Adjuncts are essential to this college.

This college has 332 full-time faculty members and 468 adjunct faculty members teaching this semester.

Adjuncts deserve every bit of financial encouragement they can get.


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