MetaMedia: Journalism drives change

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After reading an article in the Feb. 11 issue of The Ranger about Peer Educators facing a condom shortage, members of the San Antonio AIDS Foundation helped distribute free condoms on National Condom Day Feb. 13.

This is a prime example of the purpose of journalism — to inform the public and incite change within the community.

Journalists give voices to the voiceless and share the stories of those who may not be able to tell them.

The responsibility lies within the reporter to document the truth objectively, even if the reporter finds information that the subject may deem unflattering.

It is a reporter’s duty to cover news objectively, and during the news gathering process, the reporter might discover information that may ultimately change the expected angle of the story.

The truth may be a difficult pill to swallow for some, but news coverage gives the public a chance to improve conditions within society.

It is a responsibility of journalists to document the welfare of society, as it is a responsibility of the public to be informed and act on what is reported.

Reporters aim to document the truth no matter what information comes out of the news gathering process.

They serve as watchdogs. After all, if a journalist doesn’t report on today’s issues, who will?


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