College needs diversity

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The diversity of college professors is a factor for students when considering which college to attend.

Students benefit from faculty members who come from different ideas, backgrounds and lifestyles.

Forcing faculty members to use one textbook per course muzzles them by forcing them to teach the same way.

A uniform textbook for each course silences their unique voices because it wastes their uniqueness, which will ultimately lessen their impact on students’ learning experiences.

Diversity within bodies of governance, including city council and the Alamo Colleges board of trustees, allows for public officials to better serve the needs of a diverse population.

In a courtroom, jurors who come from varied backgrounds and lifestyles provide a more accurate collective voice of the community. Historically this had led to greater justice and a fairer due process.

When a newspaper staff is reflective of the population of a community, it can do a better job at covering news within the community because reporters will know more about what’s important to the community.

A diverse faculty adds to students’ overall learning experiences, and ultimately, to personal growth.


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