Learn emergency plan

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Students should review and learn the college’s emergency safety plan to avoid chaos and injury.

The safety plan includes phone numbers and explains evacuation procedures in case of injury; fire; violence, such as an active shooter, bomb or terrorist threat; or tornado.

A map of evacuation zones and designated evacuation areas can be downloaded at alamo.edu/sac/emergency-plan.

The map explains where students should exit the campus depending on location at the time of the emergency.

The plan also states to call 210-222-0911, the emergency line for the Alamo Colleges police department.

The nonemergency number for the police department is 210-485-0099.

Students should program both numbers in their phones to quickly access help in any emergency situation.

Emergencies can be sudden and shocking, and also possibly life threatening.

Knowing the plan can prevent panic, scrambling, confusion and the risk of endangering others.

The safety of all 26,000 students on this campus is a priority for faculty and staff.

It should also be a priority for every student.


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