Parkour Club seeks more members

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By Michael Peters

Ever wanted to traverse a roof gap or stairwell with a single leap? Then parkour could be your chance to learn how.

This college’s Parkour Club has five members and is currently looking for more.

The club, which was founded last semester by computer science freshman Alex Valdez, is “in the process of recruiting more members.”

“We meet 3:15 p.m. Thursdays at San Pedro Springs Park,” said Nathan Gomez, president and physical therapy freshman.

According to, parkour is an international discipline, sport and hobby best described as the art of forward motion in spite of obstacles.

Parkour is highly demanding to the entire body trying any moves without prior training, conditioning and proper instruction can result in serious injury.

“Some days, we’ll solely focus on physical training,” Valdez said.

Gomez said, “New members will learn how to move over, under and through obstacles by using nothing more than the human body’s natural movements.

The club teaches members to be more visually aware of their surroundings and to train the mind how to deal with mental obstacles while the body is simultaneously learning how to overcome physical obstacles,” Gomez said. “The club teaches discipline, determination and dedication; members will learn how to move in ways they’ve never been able to before.”

According to, the earliest development of parkour can be traced back to French naval officer Georges Hebert whose early 1900s obstacle course training is now standard in military training.

David Belle, parkour’s founder, became interested in this type of training through his father, a former member of the French military. Parkour has made numerous appearances in recent pop culture, including the opening scene of 2006 film “Casino Royale,” starring Daniel Craig.

For more information, call Gomez at 210-573-2447.


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