Where will we park?

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There is no doubt parking will be a problem for the fall semester, or rather, for yet another semester.

With the new parking garage opening eight months after the opening of Tobin Lofts, residents of the lofts could park in the college’s existing parking garage.

In other words, students and employees will have to compete with residents.

Residents can purchase the $200 permit for the parking garage, and will be guaranteed a spot in the garage east of Chance Academic Center. Tobin Loft residents are restricted to the parking garage.

Students can either purchase the $200 permit for the garage or $50 permit for access to the other lots.

There will be a total of 552 beds available at Tobin Lofts, and there are more than 900 parking slots available in the parking garage.

Although unlikely, it could be that residents — who may or not be students at this college — take more than half of our garage parking slots because non-Alamo Colleges residents will not be able to purchase the $50 parking permit.

Still, the question is: Where will students and employees park?

Even if students and employees want to invest in the $200 parking permit, they are not guaranteed a parking slot because an electronic arm-gate will close if the garage is full.

With a few parking lots closed because of construction, the last thing employees and students need preferential treatment for non-students when Tobin Lofts one benefit to the college is space in another parking garage.

Parking is a problem at this college. It doesn’t matter if you pay $50 or $200 for a permit, you will have to compete for a parking spot.

Even John Strybos, associate vice chancellor of facilities, admitted the problem this college has with parking and will continue to for sometime.

As always, students and employees will have to continue to start hours early before in order to find parking.


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