Sexual assault on student preparing for dance recital

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By Mandy Derfler

A student showering before a dance recital tonight was sexually assaulted in the men’s locker room of Candler Physical Education Center.

The student told police of the Alamo Colleges that at about 4:35 p.m., he had been assaulted while showering after practicing a routine with his partner for the recital.

The student described his attacker as an African-American man wearing sunglasses, between 5’9” and 6 feet tall, with a curly black beard and short hair.

He said the man was already in the shower when he arrived in the locker room.

The student was practicing some of his dance routine in the shower while trying to keep an eye on his belongings on a nearby bench when the man began talking to him.

The man approached him, asking, “Do you know what I like to do in the shower?”

Sarcastically, the student responded, “Take a shower?”

After a suggestive question, the man asked the student what he understood to be a request to borrow soap.

The student handed the soap to the man who began soaping the student from neck to waist and down his thigh.

“Hey, man, I want my space. Leave me alone,” the student told the man and turned away.

The man approached again asking if the student wanted sex. Once he made clear that he did not, the man said, “I’m sorry I’m being disrespectful to you.”

The man dressed and left the locker room wearing a light beige shirt, dark khaki pants and white socks and carried a black computer bag and black backpack.

The student said police told him the man could be charged with as serious a crime as aggravated sexual assault or a minimum of disorderly conduct or deviant behavior.

The student said he still intended to perform in the 7:30 p.m. end-of-semester recital of the college’s dance program.

Disclosure: Mandy Derfler, production manager and former reporter for The Ranger, also was scheduled to dance in the recital.


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