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By M.J. Callahan

Felix Caballero, a counselor at the empowerment center and adviser to the Non-Traditional Student Club, likes to think of the center as a “one-stop shop,” providing support, encouragement and assistance for students and the community.

The empowerment center, home to the women’s center, Seguir Adelante and Mi Casa programs and the Non-Traditional Student Club, is at Evergreen and Howard streets.

Rose Kelly, public relations sophomore, became president Of the Non-Traditional Student Club at its first meeting Aug. 28. “Most students are nontraditional,” she said.

Meetings are at 2 p.m. every third Wednesday of the month in Room 112 of the center.

The Mi Casa program uses the center’s computer lab, which is open to students and the community for job-searching assistance.

Mi Casa tries to inform students about access to social services, Director Helen Vera said Sept. 6.

This college, partnering with the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, offers free health workshops 11 a.m.-1 p.m. every Wednesday at the center.

Focusing on retention, the women’s center provides support for single parents, adults re-entering into college, women in transitional life phases, economically disadvantaged women and students in professional technical programs.

Vera said the center does this by supplying academic advising, counseling, housing support and referrals along with getting students, prospective students and other members of the community a few basic necessities.

Students have to show financial need to receive services, such as GED training. Call the center at 210-486-0455.


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