Study: Two methods for note-taking

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 Illustration by Alexandra Nelipa

Illustration by Alexandra Nelipa

Students should take notes during their classes

By Christopher A. Hernandez

When students hear words like “for example” and repeated information is shared in classes students should pay attention and take notes.

“Note-taking is a lifelong skill and every person has their own style,” student development Instructor Casey Lechuga said.

He said there are many ways to organize notes from a lecture.

“The platform or format may have changed, but note-taking is a universal skill. To stay organized in any subject, you must take notes,” he said.

Lechuga said the most common format and method he uses in his classes is the Cornell Method. This method allows students to organize their notes by subject, lesson and a brief summary. Students can use this method to keep notes separate and organized from other subjects.

Lechuga said if students think the Cornell Method is too complicated, students could use another method called mapping.

The mapping method shows students how to become more detailed with their writing. A student will start with one word in a circle, and branch off ideas from that one word. The students could create a web or network of related sources.

“Students must listen to key points during a lecture to know information not found in the textbook,” student development Instructor Dr. Karn Mowrey said.


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