If $25 buys access, why extra $1?

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Access to parking garage is limited for students not living in Tobin Lofts.

The $25 per semester campus access fee collected from every student is supposed to grant access to the campus and all its resources to everyone.

It used to be tuition that guaranteed access.

Now it means everyone pays a little extra.

In addition to the $25 fee, patrons of the garage will have to pay a $1 exit fee each time they park there.

Tobin Lofts residents have the option to pay $200 for an overnight parking pass, with an exemption from the $1 fee.

Though the plan is constantly changing, the $1 exit fee is likely to begin in the spring semester.

Access to the parking garage is already limited for students who are not residents of Tobin Lofts.

The latest plan calls for second floor parking to be reserved for residents while administrators have spaces reserved on the first floor. The remaining spaces in the first, third and fourth floors are open to anyone with a parking permit.

Administrators have to pay $150 on top of the $50 campus access permit to use those reserved spaces.

Available spaces for students who are not residents of Tobin Lofts could dwindle further as more units are leased.

The Tobin Lofts garage under construction at North Main Avenue and Evergreen Street, scheduled for completion in February, will have an estimated 950 spaces with up to 550 spaces reserved for Tobin Lofts residents.

That’s almost double the number of Tobin Lofts tenants; couldn’t that space be used for more student parking spaces?

Information on how the campus access fee benefits access to the campus is contradictory.

Answers range from supporting online courses and the database collection of the library, to parking facilities, construction and maintenance, debt service on parking garages and possibly scholarship funds.

If students must pay the $25 fee, regardless of whether they drive to campus to receive access to its resources, then why charge the extra $1 for access to the parking garage?

Is the parking garage not part of the campus?

The campus access fee should be enough.

How exactly does the $25 fee help with campus access?

Students have a right to a straight answer.


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