Ticketing begins Tuesday in lots

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By Katherine Garcia


Police will ticket in campus lots Tuesday if vehicles do not have permits or are parked illegally.

People who have ordered permits but have not received them before Oct. 1 may get ticketed.

“If they get a ticket, they can appeal it,” district police Chief Don Adams said.

He added he will check with the vendor to see if the person’s pass has been mailed.

Appeals can be made by going to www.alamo.edu/district/police/forms/ and clicking on Campus Citation Appeal Form.

As of Thursday, 19,442 decals have been mailed at a cost of $7,807.83.

This is the first year permits could be ordered online only and distributed by mail.

Employees paid $50 for permits for two vehicles.

It is also the first year all students have been required to pay a $25 campus access fee without regard to parking needs.

They could choose between getting parking permits or a VIA bus pass.

Vehicles parked in campus lots must have a parking permit.

This includes the overflow parking area at the former Playland Park, 2222 N. Alamo St.

Drivers parking at this location can take a shuttle to campus.

Shuttles take seven minutes to get to campus and run every 15 minutes.


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