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By Justin Rodriguez

Taking tests can be stressful, but there are a number of ways to prepare and relax instead of freaking out.

The student learning and assistance center is available for students who need to catch up on homework, prepare for a test or just study with other students.

While preparing for a test, pre-med sophomore Eric Kumana said, “taking your time to review and not rushing,” is a good practice. Sharing ideas with a group during a study session is a good way to learn as well, Kumana said.

Doing this allows students to pick up information that others might have learned or read.

Some students may explain more than the teacher sometimes, but checking with the teacher is always a good idea, Kumana said.

Time management and review should be the focus when preparing for a test.

Architecture sophomore Ariadna Camarillo said she spends an average of three hours studying for each class when preparing for a test.

Camarillo also adds group study and teamwork is an effective way to study. Getting a good night sleep and eating a good breakfast are also important, she said.

During finals week she makes flash cards, especially for multiple-choice tests, “to help get familiar with terms and dates.”

Camarillo gets to campus early to study and review with classmates in preparation for tests.

According to, eight hours of sleep is recommended before a test.

Eating before taking a test will help with energy and focus, but heavy food can cause grogginess.


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