Letter: Fix system, save up money to fix elevator

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I am writing to you because I just finished reading your article “Elevators, doors need fixing” in the Oct. 4 issue.

If facilities superintendant David Ortega said there’s a delay in the system, I think they should get the system working properly so there wouldn’t be any more delays.

I understand that it costs money to get things like this fixed, but it can be done if that money is saved.

I wouldn’t feel safe in an elevator in which the inspection is out of date because anything can be wrong with it.

You just never know, for those who have to take the elevators.

I can just see the disappointment when someone in a wheelchair sees a sign that reads:

“Preventive maintenance; back in service soon.”

All we can do is hope that all this is fixed very soon.

Robert Gallardo

Film Production Sophomore


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