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By Michael Peters

News circulated this summer that the new spirit figure of this college would be a “gnome ranger,” inspired by paintings of gnomes in the basement of Koehler Cultural Center.

Original plans to have a costumed gnome ranger on campus for welcome days did not materialize.

Public relations Director Vanessa Torres said “because there is no hard deadline” on when the gnome ranger will show up, completion has been pushed back by other projects.

Torres said she hopes to integrate the gnome into student activities on campus as well as recruiting and community outreach.

President Robert Zeigler said the gnome ranger will be unveiled by the end of the semester.

“We’re working on getting ideas on a digital image and developing a plan on rolling it out by the end of the semester,” Zeigler said.

Local area artists as well as this college’s creative media services department have been engaged in the process of designing the gnome.

Zeigler said after a few designs have been created, administrators will seek student input.

Once a design is selected, the plan is to audition for who will don the gnome ranger costume.


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