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news tip

news tip

Like waiters, journalists appreciate tips.

A news tip is a brief piece of information about an upcoming event or story idea readers send in when they want an issue addressed.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t cover everything. Sometimes reporters and photographers get busy in the newsroom and don’t know what’s happening outside. Other times, we just aren’t aware of an upcoming event.

News tips are important because they help us fill in those gaps and allow us to cover breaking news and issues readers want addressed.

Readers have a say in what makes it into the news because you tell us what you want us to cover and we do the rest.

People don’t have to give news tips, but those who want changes in the status quo aren’t afraid to do so.

Counselor Steve Samet, who has sent news tips to The Ranger since his arrival at this college in 1999, said he gives news tips so students can be aware of and respond to issues.

“I think it’s important for the SAC community to be aware of changes, to question issues, to know the facts,” he said.

News tips are how reporters fill in the information gap, so don’t be afraid to send us news tips.

Our job as reporters is not to tell you what to think but what to think about.

If something is happening, whether it’s exciting or unusual, give us a call. Don’t hesitate to call the newsroom at 210-486-1776 because we work for tips.


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