More forums needed

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At the president’s forum last Wednesday, Dr. Robert Zeigler took questions posed by students and staff.

The turnout for the event was about 40 people.

While this number may seem adequate, the forum was not big enough to address the needs of this campus’ population of more than 25,000 students.

Forums in the future should be organized by individual departments, and separate forums should address the issues part-time students face.

Smaller forums throughout the semester would allow students and faculty a better setting for their issues to be addressed.

Forums are a great way to get answers to problems that students come across while they try to enroll in the Alamo Colleges, such as why students haven’t received their financial aid.

Students have a hard time getting their voices heard in the short time frame provided with one president’s forum during a semester.

There should be more forums throughout the semester for more questions and concerns to be heard.

It would also allow those students who couldn’t attend one forum the opportunity to attend a second one.

If college officials are truly interested in the issues that students are facing, they should make an effort to hear their voices.

In forums, students discuss the problems they are facing, and then listen to the answer the official gives and learn what they can do to solve them.

More forums throughout the semester would create a more personal setting with smaller crowds that allow for more student voices.

The college could use its creative multimedia services department to video the forums and upload them to the college website for easy access to anyone unable to attend.

Officials could use this to their advantage to eliminate questions that have been asked at previous forums and answer new questions at the next forum.

This would also allow students to learn what they can do when they come across the same situation.

Help student voices be heard by listening.


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