Crime rate is slightly down, but theft is constant

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Thefts topped crimes at this college in 2010 and 2011.

By Katherine Garcia

Theft on this campus increased, according to the 2013 Clery Annual Security Report that covers crime statistics 2010-2012 at this college, St. Philip’s, Palo Alto and Northwest Vista colleges.

Northeast Lakeview College does not have a separate report because it is not accredited, police Chief Don Adams said.

Crimes at Northeast Lakeview are counted in the “Non-Campus” section for this college. “On Campus” includes this campus and Tobin Lofts while “Non-Campus” includes Main and San Pedro avenues and “Public Property” refers to San Pedro Springs Park.

There were 144 instances of theft-larceny in 2012 compared to 92 in 2011. Also 29 instances of vandalism, 15 drug violations, 12 burglaries, seven instances of intimidation and six motor vehicle thefts as compared to zero instances of each in 2011. There were six instances of simple assault, triple that in 2011.

Off-campus, the incidence of theft-larceny decreased from 21 to 13 in 2012, along with a decrease in vandalism from 20 to 12 during the same period. Three instances of burglary occurred in 2012 while zero occurred in 2011.

Adams said, “Intimidation is to unlawfully place another person in reasonable fear or bodily harm through the use of threatening words and or other conduct but without displaying a weapon or subjecting victim to actual physical attack.”

Simple assault is an unlawful physical attack causes minor bodily harm but in which a person doesn’t display a weapon, Adams said.

There were 213 instances of crime on this campus in 2012, and there have been 181 instances of crime on this campus from Jan. 1 to Wednesday Sgt. Marisa Saccio said via email Wednesday.

Theft at 90 incidents tops the list this year. In the same time span last year were 187 crimes but only two thefts.

Adams agreed there has been a decrease in property crime and an increase in theft.

He attributed the decrease in crime this year to several factors, including people being more aware about safeguarding their property and officers’ increased visibility on campus.

To view report, go to and click on “Clery Annual Report” under “Important Links.”


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