Finally, Moody fourth floor opens

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By Henry M. Martinez Jr.

After half a semester, the fourth floor of Moody Learning Center opened Oct. 18.

Librarian Eileen Oliver said Tuesday that even though the fourth floor was completed at the beginning of the semester, lack of staff prevented it from being used.

Oliver said student employees and library staff are working in shifts to keep the floor running.

Still, the fourth floor of the library is open only 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

The fourth floor contains a study hall, cubicle-style desks for students to study individually and five study rooms.

The only books on this floor are in the special rare books collection, named the McAllister Collection.

Reference Librarian Celita DeArmond described these books as “irreplaceable” and “one of a kind.” The collection consists of books Walter McAllister Sr., former mayor and founder of this district, collected throughout his life.

There is also a small stage that can be used for performances to the left of the entrance. DeArmond said the library hopes to hold poetry readings and similar events in that space. She said these events will likely take place in the afternoon because the fourth floor of the library should remain quiet for most of the day.

Computers are available on the fifth floor in the mega lab and the student learning assistance center on the seventh floor.

Before renovation, the fourth floor held paper periodicals, reserve materials and special collections.

Now the periodicals can be found online, and reserves are located on the second floor.

David Mrizek, vice president of college services, said the renovation started about four months ago and the fourth floor was the last floor to be done.

Mrizek said a rough estimate of how much the fourth floor cost to renovate is about $2.25 million.

Renovation cost for the building was about $18 million.

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