Living: Having sex? Get tested

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STDs can make great sex the worst kind.

By Cory D. Hill

Sex produces health benefits but also possible health risks.

Having sex without the use of proper precaution has the potential for undesired side effects, one of them being sexually transmitted diseases.

Studies by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found sex can promote good health. Having sex twice a week or more, which is considered a good sex life, lowers risk of heart attack by half.

Studies have provided evidence that a good sex life can improve the immune system, mental health and pain relief and even help with healthier skin.

Jesse Ortegon, health program organizer and counselor for the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, advises everyone who is sexually active to be tested at least every three to six months.

Those who have sex with multiple partners are encouraged to get tested more often.

“Texas is ranked No. 1 in syphilis cases, San Antonio especially,” Ortegon said. “The best way to protect against STDs is the use of condoms and education.”

If students have questions or want an STD screening, they can call or go to Room 104 at the health district at 332 W. Commerce St.

All information and discussions are confidential. The clinic takes walk-ins only.

“If it is your first time coming in, don’t be discouraged about the amount of people waiting,” Ortegon said, “They are all here for different reasons.”

The clinic tests for multiple STDs, starting at $15 for a screening.

“If someone does not have the money, we will still see them. We do not deny any type of patient,” Ortegon said.

For more information on safe sex tips and where to get tested, students can call 210-207-8330 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.


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