MetaMedia: Making a ‘free’ press

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When it comes to smart business, advertising is a two-way street.

Local and national businesses benefit by marketing their products and services and spreading their messages to consumers. In turn, consumers can learn about products or services through advertisements.

According to Missouri Press News, consumers look to newspaper advertising as the most relied on source for advertising.

The “newspaper has staying power” with a weekly newspaper reader who keeps it around for just over four days. The paper is read by more than one person in a household.

With advertising, businesses can reach target audiences and increase sales and product awareness.

Publication expenses can be costly. Overhead includes staff wages, office space, equipment, utilities and cost of printing and distribution.

To offset some — or all — of these expenses, publications rely on advertising revenue.

“That’s why the reading public pays so little for its newspaper,” states an article from the Parliament of Canada, “The Role of Advertising in Newspapers.”

More than 85 percent of newspaper advertising is bought by local advertisers, according to Professional Advertising, and newspapers get the largest share of advertising revenue in the country.

Businesses consider the newspaper’s circulation, demo-graphics, frequency of publication and geographic coverage when determining where to place ads.

Advertisers choose a newspaper that reaches the largest target audience possible at the lowest cost possible.

Advertising revenue for The Ranger is similarly used to help pay for printing expenses and equipment.

When a publication can cover expenses through advertising, it can best serve its reading public — in this case, the Alamo Colleges.


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