Refreshers offer savings: money, time, frustration

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Registration opened Monday for refresher courses to prepare for new integrated reading and writing developmental courses for English beginning in the spring semester.

The college is offering two levels of the integrated courses: INRW 0420, for students who test at ninth through 12th grades and INRW 0305, for students who test at eighth grade and below. The scores earned on the Texas Success Initiative assessment test determine placement level in developmental classes.

Students can register for a refresher course immediately after completing the test. The refresher is free, does not require a textbook, and is 16 hours for students who test at eighth grade and below and eight hours for those who test at ninth through 12th grade-level.

Students who test below college level are under an additional requirement of enrolling in a refresher course a full semester before they plan to enroll in either of the developmental courses.

Emails will be sent to students as a reminder of refresher course dates and times. Visit the English, reading and education department in Room 123 of Gonzales Hall.

As of Oct. 21, only one student had taken advantage of the opportunity to enroll in the first section at this college, which was to have begun Monday. Only five students registered across the district. Clearly, the new offering is in need of some promotion.

One hundred students were expected in the first week, but the class had to be canceled Monday because of low enrollment.

The next course will open Nov. 4 so there is little reason to postpone signing up. Waiting until the last moment can prevent registration for spring English courses.

Based on enrollment in English and reading developmental courses, that means quite a few of us.


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