Retention incentive nets Leslie $60K lump, $15K annually

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By Carlos Ferrand

Chancellor Bruce Leslie is expecting a retention incentive of $60,000 by Oct. 31 for remaining with the Alamo Colleges for the four years of a contract that ended Aug. 31.

A retention payment of $15,000 a year is part of Leslie’s contract effective Sept. 1, 2009, through Aug. 31, but was not paid until the terms of the contract were met. In addition, a new contract includes an annual increase of $15,000 as an incentive exclusive of any additional increases.

The old contract included an annual base salary of $313,663, but by fall 2012, the base salary had increased to $343,475. That increase included a 7 percent pay raise.

His current pay under a new three-year contract effective Sept. 1 through Aug. 31, 2016, includes a base salary of $358,475 through Dec. 31, 2013.

District 9 trustee James Rindfuss said the $15,000 increase is the retention incentive payment rolled into his base salary. Trustees anticipate Leslie’s salary will increase Jan. 1 by $10,774 to $369,229 as the result of a districtwide pay raise.

Rindfuss said districtwide raises will vary based on current market.

In a special board retreat July 13, Linda Boyer-Owen, associate vice chancellor of human resources and organizational development, presented salary recommendations for fiscal year 2014.

To keep employees average salary within the top three among eight large Texas community colleges, a 4.8 percent increase was recommended for full-time faculty and an estimated 3.7 percent for full-time and part-time administrators.

The board of trustees will meet Nov. 9 in a special retreat meeting to determine salary increases. No time or location has been determined.

Mario Muñiz, director of district public relations, said retention payments are common among executives. “It’s an investment in our administration’s future,” he said.

The retention agreement is in place to retain the services of the chancellor so that the district can avoid the time and expense of searching for a new chancellor. The process could cost more than $100,000.

District 5 trustee Roberto Zárate said the bonus is a reflection of the board’s satisfaction in Leslie’s performance. “He has done a great job.”


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