App offers new format for notes

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Students can now study and take notes online.

By Christopher A. Hernandez

Taking notes with pencil and paper is a thing of the past, as Edtech relaunched eFaqt, a new online app that is designed to help students improve study skills. EFaqt was relaunched on Oct 8.

“There are thousands of people who are learning how to take notes the wrong way. This app will improve efficiency with organization and skills on note-taking,” said CEO and Founder Christiaan Henny in a video chat Tuesday.

Henny said with the relaunch of eFaqt he hopes to gather thousands of new users and provide a user-friendly environment.

He said a trial run or beta test of eFaqt was introduced to local businesses, banks and insurance companies before the relaunch. This gave an opportunity for professionals to provide feedback on what needed to be improved.

“The major improvement made to eFaqt is the design, speed and engagement with users. We provided eFaqt to become a more consumer-friendly environment,” Henny said.


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