Register now or forget later

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Registration begins Monday for students with 46 or more credit hours.

Next week, registration begins for the spring semester.

Students looking to register for 16-week classes, Flex 1 and Flex 2 can sign up on the following dates.

Students with 46 or more credit hours can register Monday, students with 31 or more hours can register Wednesday and students with more than one credit hour can register Friday.

All students regardless of hours completed can register beginning Nov. 18.

Start 2 registration begins Jan. 13 for all students.

Classes fill up fast, so it is important for students to register as soon as possible.

That way, students can still add or drop classes without being penalized.

But make sure to mark the calendar and pay for those classes because if the payment deadline comes and goes without paying, all those classes will be dropped.

Students who lose all the classes they registered for will have to start all over and hope to find spots in the classes they need and that suit their schedules.

Students unsure about what classes they need should visit a counselor or get advising in the major department.

Don’t forget to double-check home and email addresses in ACES.

That way, the college can remind you of your payment deadline or a canceled class.


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