SGA weighs in on four-day class schedule proposal

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Members debate redoing the Sweet Treats survey to get more results.

By T. L. Hupfer

The Student Government Association informed members Monday that the college administration is considering offering classes between Monday and Thursday only.

The administration asked for SGA to get feedback from students.

Some of the members were for the change while others thought that it should be an option.

Music business sophomore James “Tank” Lowe used his son’s grade school schedule as an example.

After dropping his son off, he has to take classes between 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. If classes were offered in four-day weeks, he would be limited on available classes. His decision was that it should be optional for each student.

Psychology sophomore Jacob Wong was for the change, saying it would be “beneficial.” He said the four-day week would make give him an extra day to be at work.

In 2011, the U.S. Census report determined that 71 percent of the nation’s college undergraduates were working, and one in five of those students worked at least 35 hours a week.

A couple of members said it would make it easier and less time-consuming for their long commutes to school, while a few other students preferred shorter class sessions in the 50-minute Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.

SGA also discussed Sweet Treats in which SGA handed out surveys and candy Oct. 31. The survey was meant to see how many students are having problems around campus.

Andrew Hubbard, SGA president and business management freshman, said they had good results from the event.

Five questions were on the survey about the Alamo cash card, financial aid, ACES, ACES email and advising. The first question on the survey, however, seemed to cause controversy.

A few students thought, “I have had a positive experience accessing money that is granted to me through the Alamo cash card,” was too vague.

Because of the confusion and wanting a wider range of student input, SGA is considering redoing Sweet Treats with revised questions and handing out the surveys around campus.

More information about Sweet Treats will be given at SGA’s next meeting at noon Monday in the craft room in Loftin.


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