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Use ACES to stay informed.

By Christopher A. Hernandez

Students who don’t check their ACES emails will be left in the dark.

“Students should regularly check their ACES account to stay informed about what is happening around the college,” public relations Director Vanessa Torres said.

ACES is used to connect students to the college and district.

Torres said students receive important updates regarding activities around the college, district announcements and updates about enrollment and payment deadlines.

“A weekly e-newsletter is sent out to all enrolled students on campus,” Torres said.

She said the email provides information about upcoming events, scholarships and happenings around campus.

In the Oct. 10 notice, the upcoming events were “An Evening with Rita Moreno,” transfer fair, art exhibit in the visual arts center, and Coming Out Week. It also featured the Tom Sandoval Rey Feo Parent/Child Scholarship, Cyber Security Awareness Month and the president’s holiday card contest.

“The district administration uses different methods of communication to inform students of valuable information related to different departments,” Mario Muñiz, district director of public relations, said.

Muñiz said the district has an obligation to inform students of federally required announcements, such as the drug-free and smoke-free campus policies. He said the district also informs students of emergencies and payment reminders for tuition.

Muñiz said the district informs students of emergencies through crisis communication, which are sent out by the district police department.

“The district tries to keep all students informed. We try to communicate to students through different formats like email and the KSYM radio station,” Muñiz said.

Students can access ACES email on portable devices, Usha Venkat, director of information technology, said.

She said students access their ACES email through the use of cell phones, but students aren’t automatically notified when they receive an email.

Venkat said one goal is to create a mobile interface for ACES, which would allow students to send and receive email using a cell phone.


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