Admissions and records explains services

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Official transcripts are required before students can enroll in classes.

By M.J. Callahan

A seminar for faculty and staff Jan. 17 clarified services offered by the admissions and records office and services performed by the center for student information.

Joe Jacques and Marion Garza, admission and records assistant directors of student success, discussed in the seminar in Nail Technical Center changes over the past few years with admission and records.

To save time, students who need assistance can now sign in using the Q-less system. Kiosks in the Fletcher Administration Center or online in ACES offer the Q-less as a virtual line where a student can reserve a spot in line and be informed of their turn via text messaging.

Admissions and records used to be called the gatekeepers of students’ paperwork and records, Garza said. Since the center for student information was formed in fall 2010 to serve all Alamo Colleges, admissions and records at this college accepts requests for transcripts and letters of intent that are passed on to CSI.

CSI combines information from across all Alamo Colleges and produces a single transcript for students who take classes at multiple colleges in the district.

Admission and records can still process name changes, change of major and grade changes, adding or dropping of classes, letters of intent and acceptance of official transcripts.

A request for transcripts can be made at admissions and records or online. However, it will still take a minimum of 48 hours for processing. The first transcript a student requests is free. Every other one has a $10 fee.

Students must submit official transcripts before they will be allowed to enroll in classes.

Since the fall of 2010, unofficial transcripts are not accepted for a single semester. All transcripts must be official, Jacques said.

“I have noticed this semester a lot of students have holds on their accounts,” Garza said.

When registering for class, holds may appear on student accounts for many reasons.

“The best advice to avoid unnecessary holds is to read every part of your Apply Texas application carefully,” Garza said.

If students have attended an Alamo College, they don’t need to list that on Apply Texas because they are already in the system, Garza said. They just need to put in other colleges they attended.

She said this creates unnecessary holds on student accounts.

When it comes to switching majors, after seeing a counselor, the change could be instantaneous or it could depend on acceptance into certain programs such as nursing.

Garza said students should remember the six-drop rule when adding or dropping a class. Students who started college in 2007 or later can have a total of six W’s for withdrawing from a class through their college career. If a student withdraws from an entire semester, it counts as one drop instead of one for each class in that semester.

Jacques stressed the three-peat rule. When taking a class for the third time, a student will be charged out-of-district tuition for that class. Admissions and records may help a student on a case-by-case basis, he said. Charges can be dismissed in some cases.

A fresh start might be the way to go for someone who has been out of school for more then 10 years. Some counselors suggest students do a fresh status. Fresh status will apply only once per institution.

Only accepted by state colleges, fresh status allows a student to revive a grade-point average. Previous grades can still be viewed; however, the grades are not counted in the GPA. This allows students to resume college as if they have never been in school before.

For example, a student on academic probation leaves college to raise a family. Ten years later the student wants to return to school. Under fresh status, the academic probation and associated grades will not count but neither will the hours earned.

For more information, contact a department adviser or the counseling and advising services department at 210-486-0368.


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