In Theory: ChemSpot open on a limited basis

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By Neven Jones

Chemistry students will soon have a quiet spot to study and get tutoring with the ChemSpot.

The spot is expected to open in Room 200 of the chemistry and geology building after human resources hires two tutors, Teanna Staggs, natural sciences chair, said.

Staggs and geology Professor Anne Dietz were instrumental in creating the ChemSpot, chemistry Professor Krishnan Madappat said.

Natural science students have access to the BioSpot, located in Room 350 of Chance Academic Center, which provides them with study materials and tutors.

The ChemSpot will provide tutors, computers and learning materials for chemistry students, Madappat said.

The room also is equipped with a chalkboard, white board and tables where students can study.

Chemistry students have been asking for a quiet place to study for a number of semesters. They do not like studying at the desks in the corridor, chemistry Professor Usha Krishnan said.

The room that will house the ChemSpot is the same room chemistry students have frequented for tutoring for the past two years. The space will no longer be shared with GIS, Roger Stanley, coordinator of chemistry, earth science and astronomy, said.

The GIS program has been phased out over the last few years and is no longer accepting new students, Stanley said. Students currently pursuing that degree can still graduate, he said.

Madappat will donate his Friday office hours, 9 a.m. to noon, until tutors are hired, he said.

Call 210-486-0045.


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