Vehicles parked outside Tobin Lofts on Main subject to tickets 

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By Adriana Ruiz

Parking is not allowed on the west side of Main Avenue outside Tobin Lofts between Laurel and Evergreen streets, but that hasn’t stopped drivers from creating a hazardous bottleneck.

Residents and other students are subject to ticketing by the city of San Antonio if they park anywhere on Main Avenue, said Laura Lopez, marketing director for Aguillan and Associates, the public relations firm representing Tobin Lofts and its developer NRP Group LLC.

The leasing manager for Tobin Lofts, Rico Aviles, said although there is no sign, parking enforcement officers ticket cars there regularly.

Parking fines are $35 if paid within 14 days and $45 after 14 days. Aviles said Tobin Lofts is warning residents about parking fines by posting fliers around the apartment complex.

Harrison Guthrie, student at the Culinary Institute of America and Tobin Loft resident, said he regularly parks on Main outside the lofts and has never received a ticket, but on many occasions has come close to being hit while exiting his car.

A look north and south on Main show the 1400 block is the only one where anyone attempts to park. Guthrie said although it is a dangerous spot, he prefers to park there instead of parking in the college garage two blocks to the north.

Residents of the student apartments are encouraged to park on the second floor of the college parking garage in spaces reserved for Tobin Loft residents.

Melissa Aguillan, president of Aguillan and Associates, said residents of the lofts are allowed to park in the college’s parking garage with a parking permit that can be purchased through the Tobin Lofts leasing office.

Vanessa Torres, director of public relations at this college, said students living in the lofts may purchase a parking permit for $150 to guarantee a space in the garage. The fee is $200 for residents who are not students here.

“We highly suggest that all residents purchase parking permits,” Torres said.

Torres added all Alamo Colleges students pay a $25 campus access fee with tuition, and students have the option of a parking decal or VIA bus pass.

Torres said residents who are also students and choose to get a parking decal for the semester may park in any student parking lots, although parking is not guaranteed.

Student parking decals can be ordered through ACES. Bus passes are available with valid student ID at the business office in Room 201 of Fletcher Administration Center. For more information, visit


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