DSS needs volunteer note-takers

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By Maria Duran


Need service hours or want to volunteer?

Disability support services is seeking note-takers.

To volunteer as a note-taker, students must be knowledgeable in the subject, preferably having already taken the course or enrolled in the course, student services assistant Delia De Luna said Friday.

Note-taking is an easy way to earn service hours and a great way to help out classmates, she said.

“I’m happy to write letters,” she said, referring to letters of recommendation for student volunteers. The letters of recommendation could be influential when applying for scholarships or jobs.

Students with disabilities can find their own note-takers among their classmates or they can find note-takers through De Luna.

Music sophomore Jorge Castellanos is a note-taker in his MUSI 1309, Music Literature 2, class.

“I was glad to do it,” he said.

A student with a disability in the class asked him if he would take notes for him.

“This helps me in that. I need to remind myself to take good notes and stay attentive,” he said.

Castellanos said he would like his classmate to be at the same level as everyone else.

By taking notes on everything said in class, he can have a good reference for himself and his classmate, he said.

Although Castellanos did not get his note-taking assignments through the office of disability support services, De Luna said she would offer to write him a letter of recommendation for his work.

With the help of technology and the resources provided by the professors, it has become easier for students to easily take part in the classroom, but there is always a need for volunteer note-takers or anyone willing to help, De Luna said.

“I don’t really want to turn down anyone who’d be willing, especially with the note-taking area,” De Luna said.

To find out more on note-taking and volunteering for disability support services, contact De Luna at 210-486-0022 or visit Room149 in Moody Learning Center.



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