Main parking unsafe, rude

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Parking is not allowed anywhere along North Main Avenue, but that hasn’t stopped people from blocking traffic at the front door of Tobin Lofts.

Some seem to think it’s OK to park there despite the hazard it creates for two lanes of southbound traffic that have to swerve around them or come to a screeching halt.

Vehicles in the inside lane often have to contend with a car door swinging open as a driver pops in or out of parked vehicles.

It is OK to park on Evergreen Street alongside the complex, just not on Main.

Those who park there are encouraging others to think it’s acceptable.

That’s how a culture forms.

Though police are ticketing illegally parked vehicles, many have reported escaping a violation for parking on Main in front of Tobin Lofts.

Although there is no sign on the west side of the block, cars are parked nowhere else on the street.

So why should it be OK in that one block?

Apparently, a sign is needed to discourage people from choosing convenience over safety.

Management of the lofts needs to paint the curb red so only emergency officials can park there.

Please don’t wait until a student, pedestrian or anyone else is hit and injured in the confusion or killed.

The college is a partner in Tobin Lofts so it also bears responsibility — read liability — for ensuring safety around Tobin Lofts.

It’s human nature; people will always do what they can get away with.

That’s why the college and Tobin Lofts management need to take immediate action.


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