Success requires resources

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As paying customers of the college district, students expect to have the necessary resources.

Resources — like a clerk sitting at a desk ready to answer phone calls, not a machine full of unanswered student messages — are essential to students’ academic success.

It’s really irritating not being able to have a simple question answered by telephone or to find information on a website because the information has not been updated or is sparse to begin with.

Students are left with two options: run over to the office between classes or before you dash off campus on the way to work praying someone can answer your question, or just forget all about it.

Students unable to connect with assistance because no one is available to answer the phone should at the very least be able to leave a message.

We are told we are moving into a new era of technology with the decision to switch to e-books, the next step after instituting a one-textbook policy.

But how are we supposed to trust in technological advancement when the absolute basics like the college website, voicemail and ACES cannot be depended on.

Everyone, we are told, will have a textbook the first day of classes.

But if students don’t have a laptop or computer at home or doesn’t have — read: can’t afford — Internet access, they are immediately at a disadvantage.

Here’s a message for the district: Before moving on to new heights of technology, attend to the basic resources first.


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