Honor Sinkin with naming

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This college has been remiss in honoring one of its most dedicated, revered and community-oriented alumni.

William “Bill” Rashall Sinkin died Feb. 3 at the age of 100. A student from 1930-32, he continued to remain a part of this college until the very end.

Sinkin was named one of 75 Outstanding Former Students at this college’s 75th anniversary celebration in 2000, an individual honor he was awarded in 1983-84.

As an advocate for green energy and solar power, Sinkin has become something of a icon in San Antonio for eco-friendly science.

He was an early activist for racial equality, valuing immigration rights and promoting desegregation. As a banker on the city’s East Side, Sinkin made a point of employing African-Americans, and gave little concern to what his white customers thought. By providing small loans to black-owned business, he facilitated economical growth.

In 1968, Sinkin and this college’s first Outstanding Former Student, the late Rep. Henry B. Gonzalez, pushed for a world’s fair. Sinkin was the first president of HemisFair ’68, a half-year that placed the city on the world stage on the 250th year of its founding.

Whether supporting scientific advances that would improve the environment, improving the quality of life for the community and furthering equality for all human beings, Sinkin was always in the forefront.

Buildings and other venues are named for people who donate a lot of money or whose lives prove so exemplary no explanation is necessary. The naming encourages those who occupy the facility to emulate the namesake.

EcoCentro, a sustainable-lifestyle training center at 1802 N. Main Ave., opens its doors this spring. The goal is to train and empower the community by providing job skills in eco-friendly technology and healthy lifestyle skills friendly to the environment and the wallet.

It is an appropriate facility to attach the name Sinkin.

Its mission continues his long legacy of service to the residents of San Antonio. Sinkin devoted his life to saving the Earth, improving the community and empowering people.

Bill Sinkin not only epitomizes equality and technological advances but remained a steadfast supporter of the college where he got his start in life.


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