New photo club seeks members direction

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Spokesperson and veteran Steven Price shares advice.

By Ian Coleman

Members organizing a new photo club at this college will discuss a spring break field trip at 6:30 p.m. March 3 in Room 207 in Loftin Student Center

Steven Price, a sophomore in this college’s photography program, welcomes any students who are interested in photography.

“All interested people are invited,” Price said. “We’re not excluding anybody.”

For membership in the club, a student must be enrolled in at least six credit hours at any of the Alamo Colleges.

“It’s good for students to be affiliated and involved in groups while in college,” Price said. “When they get out of college, people look for that on their résumés.”

Price said the ultimate goal of the club is to promote the college and students.

Membership can help build their portfolio and résumé.

Media communications personnel supporting the club are lab technicians Mark Magavern and Tricia Buchhorn and photography Adjuncts Scott Vallance and Desiree Shanding.

“The main reason for the club is to motivate and further the education of students interested in photography,” Magavern said.

He said students will decide the direction of the club.

“At the last meeting, it was decided that our next meeting will help students to enter photo competitions,” Magavern said.

Students will learn how to enter a photo contest, what judges expect and how to copyright photos.

“We’re also kicking around the idea of a field trip over spring break,” Magavern said.

The details of the potential field trip will be discussed at the meeting.

Price, a former sergeant in the Army, is using skills he is learning in the journalism and photography program to create a documentary called “The Silent War.”

“It is about disabled veterans fighting to get their benefits,” Price said.

He said the documentary is going to portray the hardships of veterans who return from combat.

Price served in the Special Forces airborne division as a radio/telecommunication operator from July 1981 to October 1987.

He saw combat in the U.S. Invasion of Panama in 1982 through 1984.

He mentors veterans who are struggling with the return to civilian life.

For information, call Magavern at 210-486-1781.


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