MetaMedia: Errors part of learning

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Before a story is published in a newspaper or online it first goes through an editing process to avoid errors.

Unfortunately, not all mistakes are caught and stories run with inaccuracies. When this happens, newspapers run a correction if there is a fact error or a clarification if something is not wrong, but unclear.

The editing process is just as arduous as the reporting itself. A story goes through at least three, often more, edits and revisions before publication. News organizations build in redundancy.

In The Ranger newsroom, the reporters and editors are students, learning the craft on the job. However, expectations from advisers are not diminished because of this and are actually as high as expectations of reporters and editors in a professional news setting.

This creates competitive prospects in a saturated market. Frequently, Ranger staff and former Ranger staffers are chosen for internships in local media as well as at news organizations around the state and nation because of the work they have done on The Ranger.

But Ranger staffers are students, and they are learning.

While the student newspaper serves the college and district by providing independent news and information, the newspaper also allows students to deal with the consequences of making mistakes for the world to see.

If an error is made in a story or a clarification is needed, call the editor at 210-486-1776 or email


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