Satisfaction survey deadline extended to March 7

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Free pizza in Loftin for students completing satisfaction survey.

By Katherine Garcia

Four thousand students at this college were chosen to take the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory survey through their ACES email.

Students have until March 7 to complete the survey.

The survey asks students to rate the academic and student support services and their effectiveness, said David Wood, director of planning and institutional research.

He said a generator used Banner IDs to choose 4,000 students from this college at random for the survey.

“Each college is doing their own sample, as much as they need,” Wood said.

Noel-Levitz, a company that offers reports on recruitment, retention and student satisfaction for two-year colleges, conducts the survey.

The survey asks students to rate the answers to 95 base questions on an importance rating of one to seven with seven being very important.

Satisfaction ratings are based on the same scale.

Students can enter the number zero for “not applicable” if they are unsure of their answer.

Questions include rating the approachability of academic advisers and accessibility of computer labs.

Three summary questions ask students if their college experience has met student expectation, rating overall satisfaction of that experience, and if students had to enroll at this college again, would they.

The survey ends with demographic questions such as race, current course load and if this college was their first choice.

Wood said the surveys have been going on once every two years since at least 2008.

He said the areas past students surveyed say are in most need of improvement are advising, financial aid and admissions and records.

The company charges a base rate of $250 for conducting the email survey, and 25 cents is charged for every email response sent in, Wood said.

The college is not charged for unfilled surveys, he said.

“We use the survey to see where we might need to improve,” President Robert Zeigler said.

An email has been sent to those who have filled out the survey inviting them to a pizza party 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Tuesday in the atrium of Loftin Student Center.

Those who haven’t yet filled out the survey can attend the party and fill it out on laptops provided by the office of technology services.

Names and Banner IDs will be checked to make sure they received the email.

The company will compile the information after the survey is closed, Wood said, adding the results should be ready by March or April.


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