Just stop, already!

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Attempts and successes at implementing new policies — e-books; EDUC 1300, Learning Framework; and extra fees — are screwing with students’ lives and need to be stopped.

The chancellor and trustees justify these changes by saying they are trying to help students with their educational futures, assuming they know what’s best for students based on their own personal, very much in the past, experiences.

District officials are trying to push an agenda on students without significant proof this is what students want or need.

Where is the evidence that proves students want to pay extra fees, prefer e-books to textbooks or should take EDUC 1300?

Everything else has to meet a culture of evidence standard. Why doesn’t that apply to sweeping changes hastily implemented in a top-down fashion?

Trustees and administrators need to understand times and students have changed.

Students are rallying together, protesting and rejecting these initiatives. Students have opinions on their increasingly costly education.

To blatantly ignore the outcries of the people being directly affected is a clear sign of arrogance and contempt.

When a Northwest Vista student asked Chancellor Bruce Leslie about student and faculty involvement in some of the recent decisions, Leslie responded that students are not normally consulted, but faculty were heavily involved.

The follow-up question, “And what did they say?” was answered with “well, they said ‘no’.”

Bullies “use superior strength or influence to intimidate,” the dictionary definition reads.

Are these qualities we want in someone responsible for vital decision-making for students’ futures, students’ lives?

The trustees put Leslie in this position and allow him to run rampant, unchecked.

It’s time trustees did a little homework of their own instead of accepting all proposals at face value as being based on Gospel truth.

Leslie and trustees: Admit these projects are not aimed at students’ best interests. No matter what you think, the evidence says otherwise.


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