Living: Emergencies on campus

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Without a health center, people need to know what to do in case of an emergency.

By Mandi Flores

This campus no longer provides a registered nurse to treat minor injuries.

In case an emergency should arise, students need to know how to respond to the situation.

“Call 911, or bandages and first aid supplies can be bought at the bookstore,” Mary Schlabig, administrative services specialist with the office of student life, said March 6.

For more options, the bookstore in the basement of Loftin Student Center, carries bandages, first aid supplies and pain medication.

The nearest drug store is Walgreen’s at San Pedro Avenue and Cypress Street, four blocks south of center of campus.

The college’s nursing education department trains nurses, but it is not allowed to treat students.

“We cannot help students – not even give a Band-Aid; it’s illegal,” said Anita L Reyes, records and reports technician for the nursing department, said.

Even if EMS technicians from San Antonio Fire Department come and check vitals, there is still the option to decline being transported for further medical care.

Even though the cost of an ambulance ride can be $800 plus $12 per mile, “it is better to have it and not need it than vice versa,” Jeff Bailey, EMS program coordinator, said.

“Students should use common sense and discretion when deciding to call for an ambulance, although if someone is not sure, just call them.”


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