Phi Theta Kappa sponsors mobile food pantry

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By Ian Coleman 

The San Antonio Food Bank mobile food pantry sponsored by Phi Theta Kappa will stop 2 p.m.-5 p.m. Wednesday and April 29 in Lot 1 at East Ashby and Belknap.

“On average, the pantry helped over 2,000 household members in the fall 2013 semester,” Kim-Briana Lorine, president of Phi Theta Kappa, said Tuesday.

Lorine said 800 faculty, staff and students of this college benefited from this program in the fall.

To obtain food from the mobile pantry, individuals must bring a voucher.

Susan Spencer, Phi Theta Kappa adviser, said the organization is not allowed to verify poverty level, so vouchers are given out on “trust.”

Spencer said there are only 210 food vouchers per delivery, so it’s a “first-come, first-served basis.”

Food vouchers are available at the welcome desk at Fletcher Administration Center, the empowerment center, the early childhood studies center, Methodist Student Center Catholic Student Center and the Church of Christ Center.

Phi Theta Kappa lost storage space at the Frost mansion, 602 W. French Place at West Ashby and San Pedro Avenue during summer 2013.

Spencer said the space rented in Frost mansion became too expensive to be cost-effective. “All our money now goes to buying food,” she said.

Lorine and other Phi Theta Kappa members decided to continue the food pantry by creating an account at the San Antonio Food Bank.

“Now we call the San Antonio Food Bank and draw from our account there. All we have to do is ask the campus police department to clear a space for us,” Lorine said.

“The San Antonio Food Bank delivers to our campus four times a semester. Each delivery costs $350,” Spencer said.

One semester will cost Phi Theta Kappa $1,400 for food deliveries.

The organization’s funds provide 10,500 pounds of food to this campus.

Spencer said food donations or checks are accepted on Wednesday or April 29 in Lot 1. Checks should be made out to the San Antonio Food Bank. For more information, call 210-486-0431.


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