Trustee Candidates: Lorraine Pulido, District 4

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District 4 trustee candidate Lorraine Pulido

Lorraine Pulido, District 4 trustee candidate

City public relations manager, 44 • 210-410-6699

By Neven Jones

Public relations professional Lorraine Pulido’s first exposure to the Alamo Colleges was taking dual credit classes at Palo Alto College while she attended Harlandale High School.

After earning an advanced degree, she returned to Palo Alto College to take additional courses such as calculus and speech for her own enrichment.

Pulido has a Ph.D. in business and leadership studies from Our Lady of the Lake University.

Pulido was encouraged to run for the Alamo Colleges board by Rey Saldaña, City Councilman in District 4.

She is a public relations manager for the city of San Antonio.

To stay informed on issues, Pulido reads meeting minutes, The Ranger and the San Antonio Express-News and talks to everyone from students to presidents.

Pulido has been an adjunct at Our Lady of the Lake University, University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas A&M University-San Antonio and Palo Alto College since 2000.

Since the majority of her students at UTSA and TAMU-SA come from the Alamo Colleges, she said she can relate to them as a former Palo Alto student and a university graduate.

“I have been working with all kinds of administrators, faculty members and students for 14 years at the universities and at one community college.

“There is no other candidate right now that can claim that — that richness and depth and diversity of experience.”

Pulido has served on the board of SAYsi, a year-round arts program for middle and high school students.

She also volunteers for the San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists as chair of the scholarship gala and a member of the advertising committee.

Pulido is familiar with the concerns about EDUC 1300, Learning Framework, but since she was not part of the research she would not comment on it.

“Something people could count on if I’m elected is that I will make my decisions in an informed manner. I will do due diligence and research thoroughly,” Pulido said.

Ultimately, she will look at how issues will impact student success.

That is the “litmus test to use with every single decision,” she said.

Pulido is not sure if she agrees with the move to standardize the Alamo Colleges.

As an adjunct, she re-evaluates the textbook she uses each semester for the public relations class she teaches because the field is always changing.

“One book can be outdated within a year all because of the world that we are in right now.”

Pulido likes the idea of having a student trustee. “I would welcome the opportunity, if the state allowed it, for the student to have a vote,” she said. “It would give a strong voice to the students.”


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