Trustee Candidates: William Clint Kingsbery, District 8

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William Clint Kingsbery, District 8 trustee candidate

William Clint Kingsbery, District 8 trustee candidate

Eighth-grade math teacher, 34

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By Cassandra M. Rodriguez

William Clint Kingsbery is running for District 8 because he wants his 3 year-old son to have the same education opportunities he had in college.

The eighth-grade math teacher at Rudder Middle School graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a degree in math.

A friend encouraged him to research the District 8 position the day before filing, and he learned about the issues facing the district.

“I bring a faculty and student perspective to the table, and I am very logical,” Kingsbery said.

Kingsbery does not agree that students should be forced to use e-books whose cost is included in tuition, referring to the proposal of having a single set of instructional materials for courses across the district.

He believes standardizing the district colleges defeats what college is all about because professors teach differently and students learn differently, he said.

“You are going to see a loss of imagination in the curriculum as a whole,” he said.

He said he doesn’t understand why the EDUC 1300, Learning Framework, course is better than the college’s student development courses.

Kingsbery also thinks the district administration is not spending money wisely when it comes to student services.

“To cut student services seems counter-productive,” he said.

He doesn’t understand why cuts are being made to resources students can use to better their education.

He does not see the value in a nonvoting student trustee, which will be added to the board in May.

“From my understanding, the student trustee is supposed to represent all colleges. Why would they only have one student represent five different schools and have no voice or vote?” he asked. “If they have no vote, what is the point?”

“I would like to be someone who can go to campuses and hear what students and faculty have to say,” he said, noting current trustees do not do this regularly.

Kingsbery does not rate Chancellor Bruce Leslie highly because he believes most of the problems facing the district have occurred since he has been at the helm.

“I don’t feel he has the right vision in mind for the schools,” he said, believing Leslie wants to make the district into a vocational and online school.

“Leslie has proved that he is disconnected with what the schools want and need,” he said. “It is important that we recognize that each school has its own identity, and we should cherish it.”

Kingsbery said he decided to get involved because the colleges are a “chance to make something better of yourself.”

“If we lose that and turn it into something different, we are no longer a stepping stone,” he said.


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