Ranger honors sources with awards

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Sources who contributed information to The Ranger this semester were treated to ice cream, and a special edition of the college newspaper devoted to the retirement of President Robert Zeigler was unveiled April 30 on the balcony linking Loftin Student Center and Gonzales Hall.
The Ranger honored sources for taking time out of their busy schedules to work with students learning the craft of journalism in real time.
The staff awarded certificates in various categories for sources willing to go above and beyond expectations and make the lives of budding journalists a little easier.
The awards were presented by spring 2014 editor Mandy Derfler.
The Informant winner, Gary O’Bar, director of purchasing and contract administration, always has all the information a reporter needs. Honorable mention went to Student Government Association President Andrew Hubbard.
Nominees were EMS program Coordinator Jeff Bailey; Craig Coroneos, humanities instructor at Northwest Vista College; biology program Coordinator Daniel Hansen; career services Coordinator Jim Lucchelli; kinesiology Chair Bill Richardson; Counselor Steve Samet; fine arts Professor Tom Willome; and Leo Zuniga, associate vice chancellor of communications.
Patience is a Virtue went to Jo-Carol Fabianke, vice chancellor for academic success, in recognition of a source repeatedly approached for information who remains polite and patient. Honorable mention went to Joe Jacques, assistant director of student success, and Donnie Meals, program coordinator of music business.
Nominees were Mark Bigelow, assistant coordinator of leadership and activities; Dawn Brooks, kinesiology instructor and wellness coordinator; Felix Gonzales, chair of the mortuary science department; Lauri Metcalf, American Sign Language and interpreter training chair; speech Coordinator Jolinda Ramsey; and fine arts Professor Debra Schafter.
David Wood, dean of performance excellence, won Mother Hen, dedicated to sources who take reporters under a wing and gently guide them through a new beat. Honorable mention went to fine arts Chair Jeff Hunt.
Nominees were multimedia specialist Joan Fabian; mortuary science Chair Felix Gonzales; and early childhood center teacher Teresa Robledo.
The Ranger’s biggest supporters are honored with Booster Club. Media specialist Dee Dixon won. (In the interests of full disclosure, Dixon was a Ranger reporter and editor and as a high school student, was a participant in the Urban Journalism Workshop at San Antonio College.) Honorable mention went to Rick Casey, host of “Texas Week” on KLRN, and writing center Director Jane Focht-Hansen.
Nominees were English Professor Liz Aguliar, English Professor Stephen Badrich and Counselor Steve Samet.
Neil Lewis, humanities professor at Northwest Vista, won The Big Tipper, an award for sources constantly providing news tips about districtwide happenings.
Nominees were Craig Coroneos, humanities instructor at Northwest Vista; Librarian Stephen Dingman; and Dixon.
The Sure Thing, Robin Collett, project coordinator for the president’s office, is The Ranger’s most reliable source. The winner of this award always return phone calls, provide all needed information and direct reporters to other sources if necessary, then read the published article and provide feedback. Honorable mention went to Deputy Chief Joe Pabon of district police; and Federico Zaragoza, vice chancellor of economic and workforce development.
Nominees were Hal Buntley, medical assisting program instructor; Librarian Celita De Armond; Focht-Hansen; Counselor Rosa Maria Gonzalez; biology program Coordinator Daniel Hansen; and math lab Coordinator Steven Ochoa.
Those wronged unnecessarily but willing to continue working with The Ranger get Forgive and Forget. Three walked away with this award for keeping in mind Ranger staff are all students. They are Lisa Black, student development professor; David Rodriguez, director of the counseling and advising program; and Samet. Honorable mention went to political science Professor Christy Woodward-Kaupert.
Nominees were Dr. Craig Follins, president at Northeast Lakeview College and MAES chapter President Braulio Reyes.
Chancellor Bruce Leslie won Overexposed, a source repeatedly photographed and appearing in print or online.
Underexposed, a source repeatedly photographed but not appearing in print or online often, was won by Follins.
Police Chief Don Adams won the Defender of a Free Press, a source who personifies First Amendment rights and defends The Ranger’s right to publish.
Coroneos won the Medal of Honor recognizing those who speak out even if it puts their job in danger.
Nominees were English Chair Alex Bernal; Lewis; English Adjunct Herb Mann; and Roger Stanley, Phi Theta Kappa chapter lead adviser and program coordinator of chemistry, earth sciences and astronomy.
Administrative assistant Alicia Morse was honored with The Ranger Godmother award, a new award in recognition of the special woman who, even though she no longer works in the department, continues to care for Ranger staff like they are her own.
The Lifetime Source Award, another special recognition for a source who has been nominated for a multitude of awards consistently through the years, went to Zeigler, The Ranger’s most decorated source since awards were first presented in spring 2006.
After source awards were announced, media communications Chair Marianne Odom announced photography sophomore Daniel Carde’s first place in on-site news photo at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association conference. Derfler, communication design sophomore, won Designer of the Year and journalism sophomore Carlos Ferrand won Editor of the Year for 2012 in Division 2 for larger colleges.
Then Odom revealed the editorial staff for fall 2014, chosen April 29 by the Student Publications Board.
The new staff consists of journalism sophomore Bleah Patterson, editor; speech sophomore M.J. Callahan, news editor; journalism sophomore Adriana Ruiz, sections editor; English sophomore Pamela Paz, calendar editor; Carde, photo editor; Derfler, production manager; and journalism sophomore Katherine Garcia, promotions manager.
Photography sophomore David Guel and nutrition sophomore Neven Jones will be staff photographers. Illustrators are journalism sophomore Ansley Lewis and education sophomore Alexandra Nelipa.
Eight Ranger staffers are graduating in May or August. They are Journalism Distinguished Graduate Paula Christine Schuler, advertising manager Patty McGlamory, Ferrand, video team member Steven Price and staff writers Brenda Carielo, Mandi Flores, Marie Sullins and J’son Tillmon.


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