EMS struggles to locate aching cafeteria employee

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Emergency personnel leave the delivery entrance of Loftin with an empty stretcher after a kitchen employee complained of chest pains Wednesday. The employee was considered stable and EMS personnel were dismissed. Photo by Milena Arias

Campus police searched two buildings.

Adriana Ruiz

Paramedics made two different trips to Loftin Student Center after a cafeteria employee complained about chest pains around 1p.m. today.

Patrolman M. Long said the victim’s manager called EMS because he thought the employee needed medical attention.

Long said officers searched Loftin Student Center and the second floor of Moody Learning Center twice before campus police dismissed EMS because the victim could not be located.

EMS returned two minutes later, when student life coordinator Mark Bigelow and a Selrico employee exited the back entrance of the Loftin Student Center cafeteria and told a parking enforcement officer the victim was in the back of the cafeteria.

Selrico is a food service contractor for the cafeteria.

EMS went into the kitchen of the cafeteria through the back entrance to treat the victim.

Selrico employee Shawn James said the victim is a Starbucks barista who had been complaining about chest pains all morning.

Long said the victim was OK and would seek medical attention independently.


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