Faculty, staff: Opt out of parking decals

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Avoid a $50 charge to park in faculty lots.

By Bleah B. Patterson


The Alamo Community College District’s decision not to print parking decals anymore raised complaints from those who do not drive or use the VIA transit system.

Now faculty can opt out and avoid the monthly charge, totaling $50 over the academic year, senior human resources specialist Lucia Gatica confirmed.

“When a faculty or staff member fills out their (human resources) paperwork, they can just not include their car information and they won’t have the cost for the decal deducted from their paycheck monthly,” Dorothy Keys, business office registration specialist, said.

Faculty also have the option of omitting vehicle information from human resources paperwork and competing for parking in student lots for which no decal is required, Keys and police Deputy Chief Joe Pabon said.

Pabon added faculty who get a new car and want to transfer their parking privileges can notify human resources and have a new decal printed with updated information at no extra charge.

A second replacement decal will carry a charge.


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